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​Message from JAVECCS President

I'm Dr. Atsushi Nakamura, serving as the President of the Japanese Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (JaVECCS). 

It's been four years since our society's inception in 2019. Since then, we've diligently pursued three key objectives: (1) facilitating the exchange of academic knowledge, (2) deepening our expertise, and (3) nurturing the next generation of professionals. Unfortunately, the global outbreak of the new coronavirus in early 2020 disrupted our plans, preventing us from organizing in-person conferences and RECOVER CPR training courses. As a result, our services to our valued members have been somewhat limited.

In response to these challenging circumstances, we've made the strategic decision to develop a website that will serve as a hub for sharing essential academic information regarding emergency and intensive care within our community. This website is envisioned as a platform where we can create and distribute distinctive content specific to JaVECCS. In addition to offering access to archived conference lectures and seminars by our esteemed speakers, we intend to provide fresh insights that will enrich our understanding of the emergency and intensive care field, making it even more appealing.

Our overarching goal at JaVECCS is to establish emergency and critical care as a prominent discipline within veterinary medicine in Japan, thus contributing to its future growth. We eagerly anticipate the participation of educators and veterinary nurses, as well as the collective growth of our community. Together, we can make this field even more enticing and impactful.


   President Dr. Atsushi Nakamura

President Dr. Koudai Kawase



Japanese Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society 


February 27, 2019


Atsushi Nakamura, DVM

Kodai Kawase, DVM, PhD

Vice President



Takaomi Nuruki, DVM

Mission statement

Our society is dedicated to advancing veterinary medicine through comprehensive research, educational initiatives, and awareness campaigns in the field of emergency and critical care for animals. In pursuit of this overarching goal, we commit ourselves to:

1. Promoting Awareness: We actively engage in awareness campaigns to underscore the significance of emergency critical care for animals.


2. Facilitating Knowledge Exchange: We organize and oversee academic conferences, seminars, and lectures that revolve around the critical topic of animal emergency and critical care, fostering an environment for the exchange of ideas and expertise.


3. Knowledge Dissemination: We publish authoritative books on veterinary medicine to share valuable insights and findings with the broader veterinary community.

4. Advancing Medical Innovations: We invest in research and development endeavors aimed at enhancing various medical devices and pharmaceuticals, ultimately improving the standard of care in emergency and critical care situations for animals.

Our mission is to drive progress within the field, support the professional growth of veterinarians and veterinary nurses, and ultimately contribute to the betterment of animal health and welfare.

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