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Member benefits

By registering as a member of JaVECCS, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • You can watch videos exclusively for members for free.

  • You can attend special seminars for JaVECCS members for free or at a special discounted price.

  • JaVECCS members can participate in the annual conferences and seminars with a special discounted price.

  • During the annual conference period, you can participate in a social gathering exclusively for JaVECCS members.

  • We will notify you of the latest JaVECCS information (scheduled academic conferences, scheduled RECOVER practical training) as soon as possible through our e-mail newsletter.

​To register as an academic member, please register as a new member on the annual membership fee payment screen.

  • 獣医師会員【年会費】

    Every year
  • 動物看護師【年会費】

    Every year
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